• How is conscription to permanent compulsory initial military service organized and carried out? 

Males 18-23 years old, who have not fulfilled their military obligations, can be drafted and conscripted mandatorily. The draft lists are drawn up randomly at the beginning of each year, by means of a computer program, observed by the representatives of the public, NGOs.

Students are excluded because of the regulations of Law of Military Conscription.

Conscripts living abroad were included in the draftee list.

Also, 18-38 years old men and women can enroll into initial continuous military service voluntarily.

The compiled lists of conscripts for the calendar year are published on the website

  • Has the number in list some importance, is there any difference if the conscript is number 450 or 2500?

Number in the Draftee list is important, because by it is determined the priority of calling draftees to the Regional military conscription and recruitment section, date of medical check-up, and lastly, assigning to the military unit.

  • What can a conscript expect from military service during 9 months? How will it be compensated to him?

Military service – duty, honor, challenges and vivid experiences.

Conscript soldiers will be paid monthly allowances an cumulative payment after service (max total – 3684,60 euro) and their former or new employer after service will be paid 6 month subsidy (increasing chances of finding work).

  • I’m 19 years old and I’m from Turkey. I love your country and I want to join the army.

It is a pleasure to hear from you about your motivation to join Lithuanian Armed Forces, but unfortunately, only Lithuanian citizens can enroll.

More information about obtaining citizenship -

  • I have dual citizenship. Can I serve in Sweden?

Every citizen of Republic of Lithuania has constitutional obligations, including military service, regardless of his place of residence. Dual citizenship also does not relieve from military conscription.

It must be noted that according to the legal regulations at the moment, Lithuanian citizen can enroll in foreign military service with a permission of the Government of Republic of Lithuania. After military service in NATO or EU member states, citizen can request Chief of Defence of Lithuania to recognize his service as an equivalent to Lithuanian compulsory military service. These requests are usually granted, and as a result, the citizen is exempted from draft. However, after the recognition of equivalence of compulsory service, that citizen gets the status of reservist of Lithuanian Armed Forces, and can be called to reserve refresher training or mobilized.

  • Exemptions from conscription or deferments are reglamented in Article 3 and Article 15 of the Law on Military Conscription.

Exemptions from military conscription:

1) persons who are established to be the legally incompetent or of limited legal capacity;

2) persons with disabilities;

3) persons who are determined to be unfit for compulsory military service for health reasons by military medical expert panel;

4) persons, retired for age or health reasons;

5) persons without basic military training who have not acquired at the age of 60 years;

6) women, with the exception of those who enroll into military service voluntarily and (or) has completed a higher education in medicine, nursing or obstetrics programs;


1) not older than 21 years of general education and vocational training school students;

2) high school students - once for the study period, according to the first stage (professional bachelor and bachelor's) studies, second stage (master) studies, postgraduate studies, doctoral studies;

3) members of Parliament, Government, the European Parliament and municipal councils;

4) judges;

5) public prosecutors;

6) officers of Interior affairs system;

7) officers of the Prison Department of the Lithuanian Ministry of Justice or its subordinate institutions;

8) The State Security Department officials;

9) Special Investigation Service officers;

10) suspected and accused in criminal proceedings or serving the sentence, because of which they cannot perform the military service, or have completed a prison sentence.

11) raising a minor child alone or on child care leave until the child is three years old;

12) for pregnant women, who submitted a medical certificate of pregnancy;

13) legally appointed sole guardian of a disabled person or custodian of a person with limited legal capacity;

131) clergy;

14) by procedures established by Minister of National Defence – if performing compulsory military service would cause disproportionate damage to his personal and public interests which could be avoided if military service would be performed at other times (e.g. 2 young children, the only working family breadwinner, etc.).

  • What is the sanction for not fulfilling one’s service obligation?

Evasion to perform military service may result in a fine of between EUR 60 and 210, failure to perform compulsory military service may result in a fine of EUR 280 to 450.

And failure to serve in the military may result in criminal liability and a fine, arrest or imprisonment for up to 3 years.