Leadership is more than simply leading, and much more than it is described in books. True leadership is developed through personal experience which you too can gain!

Join our three-year training programme for commanders of junior rank officers. Experience gained in the aforesaid programme will be useful to you both in civilian life and when choosing the path of a soldier.

You will acquire completely new skills which you did not have before. The challenges you will face in service will mould you into a true leader, and your broadened horizons will give you an advantage when pursuing a career.

During training, all participants will be provided with military clothing, necessary ammunition, food (or a fixed monetary compensation for covering food expenses (8 EUR per day)) and benefits for household needs.

Why join to the Junior Officer Command Training? If you are a student, it would be beneficial for you to join the Junior Officer Command Training, because upon its completion: you will acquire the profession of a military officer, obtain the rank of a reserve lieutenant, perform your duty to your country by completing the compulsory military service, gain the opportunity to join the Lithuanian Armed Forces and pursue a career as a military officer. You will also receive financial support for studies if you are studying in one of the following full-time study programmes: Aircraft Piloting, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Mechanical Engineering, Electronics or Mechanical Engineering, Marine Navigation, Marine Power Plant Operation, Marine Electrical Equipment Operation, Electronic engineering (Specialisation in Information and Telecommunications Technology), Telecommunications Engineering (Specialisation in Telecommunications Technology), Computer Engineering, Family Medicine Residency, Psychiatry Residency, Orthopaedic Traumatology Residency.

Who can apply for the training programme for the Junior Officer Command Training? The training programme welcomes both men and women between 18 and 32 years of age who are students or graduates of higher education institutions, have not been convicted for intentional crimes, are sufficiently healthy to serve, and did not perform the permanent compulsory initial military service. The training programme lasts 3 years, with an average of 2 weekends per month. Practical tasks and field training are carried out on military training grounds and in various military units at the end of the academic year. On the first year of training, you will be trained as a private soldier, on the second year – as head of unit (sergeant), and on the third – as platoon commander (military officer). During training, you will learn the following: provide first aid, handle a weapon, easily navigate in unfamiliar areas – knowledge of topography will come in handy on any trip. You will become physically stronger, gain useful pedagogical and psychological knowledge, learn to work in a team and lead it, learn military engineering, tactics, formation, military command, history of military art, and other military related disciplines.