There are endless reasons why each of us should serve or should have served in the Lithuanian Armed Forces. The Lithuanian Armed Forces are more than an institution, it is a large family of people who are determined to sacrifice everything they have in the name of Lithuania's freedom. However, some reasons are more important than others, so here we will present the five most important reasons why it is worth choosing to serve in the Lithuanian Armed Forces:

Duty. Being a soldier is more than a job. It is said that in this world, humans can be divided into sheep and wolves that tend to tear sheep. However, there is another group - sheep shepherds, keepers. It is the latter group that includes soldiers determined to defend those who cannot defend themselves, to fight for freedom and values.

Action. After joining the Lithuanian Armed Forces, you will face unprecedented challenges, unusual tasks in difficult conditions will not allow you to even think that your work is monotonous or boring. Marches, assaults on the building, ambush, and air landings are just some of the tasks waiting for you in the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Improvement. Some believe that the experience gained in the army has no practical application in civilian life. But the military is not just about weapons, as is often imagined. The military is made up of people first and foremost, and the road to victory always goes through teamwork. Combat tasks, difficult and stressful conditions teach soldiers to work in a team, respect each other and develop leaders who can adapt to any conditions and creatively perform the tasks assigned to them.

Friends. The saying "I could go on reconnaissance with him" is probably often heard. Combat tasks, such as reconnaissance, require a great deal of trust, a determination to sacrifice on behalf of a combat buddy. This communion does not end in service alone: soldiers play sports together, spend their free time together, support each other in misfortunes. Joining the military will not only make you a part of the line-up, but also a part of the family, where you will always find those who will be willing to lend a helping hand.

Remuneration. The dedication of soldiers to the defense of the country is not forgotten by the Lithuanian government and its people. Soldiers are paid a salary for their days of service and are provided with free health care services and other social guarantees.

If these reasons and values ​​are not foreign to you - join us! Service in the Lithuanian Armed Forces can be performed in one of 5 ways, each of which is balanced for persons of different ages, physical abilities, and employment. Everyone concerned with the security of our country is welcome in the Lithuanian Armed Forces!