Military service

Today's Lithuanian Armed Forces is a motivated army ready to defend the country, successfully participating in international operations and assisting the Lithuanian people in cases of special disasters. In the army, the most important thing is a person. Soldiers serving in the Lithuanian Armed Forces have good service and living conditions, and a lot of attention is paid to their health and medical care. They are given the opportunity to improve, learn new things, gain positive and useful experiences.

Enthusiasm, patriotism, devotion, the desire to know, learn and improve are the essential qualities that a future soldier must have. If you are not afraid of new challenges, you want to acquire new skills, and you are determined to work hard for the common goal - you are welcome in the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Choosing a profession is a very responsible step in everyone's life. When choosing military service, like any other profession, it is important that it meets your expectations, lifestyle and physical abilities, encourages improvement. Therefore, when making this decision, it is very important to assess whether you have the qualities required for a soldier and whether the service in the Lithuanian Armed Forces meets your expectations.

On this website you will find information about the ways of service in the Lithuanian Armed Forces, selection conditions, possible places of service, social guarantees, development and career opportunities.