Social Care

Social guarantees for soldiers

  • Soldiers of professional military service are insured with the state social pension insurance, and after serving the time established by law and being released into the reserve, they acquire the right to receive a state soldier's pension.
  • Every year - 30 days of vacation. Depending on the length of service, the leave is extended, with a maximum of 45 days.
  • The health care and rehabilitation activities of professional military service soldiers are financed from the state budget.
  • The life and health of soldiers are compulsorily insured against accidents in the service at the expense of the state budget.
  • Soldiers of professional military service are provided with housing, food, or a fixed amount of monetary compensation during their service.
  • After completing their service, soldiers can participate in vocational guidance programs and help them find a job.
  • Soldiers who have completed permanent compulsory initial military service are awarded an additional 0.5 points upon admission to higher education institutions;
  • For employers, within 3 months. for conscripts, 6 months. a wage subsidy is paid (up to 100% of the calculated amount of wages and the amount of the mandatory state social insurance contribution, but not more than 570 euros). The same guarantee applies when a person returns to work after the conscript service.

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