Citizens of the Republic of Lithuania up to 55 years old without previous imprisonments who have completed the Conscript service or gained basic military qualification in other way, who have graduated from the Lithuanian Military Academy or serve in the NDVF are able to join the professional military service on the basis of voluntary and selective principles. Exceptions may exist for specialists in various fields.
The professional military service is joined via signing a professional military service contract.

Professional military service. It is a calling rather than a job!

Military service is more than just a job. It is a calling! Professional military service is continuous training to defend your country. The State provides competitive salaries, social guarantees and healthcare for soldiers serving in the aforesaid service. However, in this case, the greatest reward is the close bonds formed between those who are serving together, as well as knowing that the safety and future of Lithuania depends on you. And that is why serving in the Lithuanian Armed Forces is a calling rather than a job. Professional military service accepts citizens of the Republic of Lithuania between 18 and 32 years of age who meet the requirements of health, physical fitness and moral qualities, and who acquired basic military readiness (completed the permanent compulsory initial military service, served 3 years in the volunteer military service, graduated from the Military Academy of Lithuania or completed the training programme for commanders of junior officers).


Nuotrauka I. Budzeikaitės

Why join the professional military service?

Prestige - the opportunity to serve your country, and contribute to its safety. Career opportunities: the military provides everyone with the opportunity to pursue a career and carries out individual career planning, while most military specialties are analogous to civilian ones. Learning opportunities - learning and professional development opportunities in military schools located in Lithuania, USA, Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, Canada, Sweden and other NATO countries. Remuneration: a competitive salary that depends on the soldier's rank and years of service, as well as bonuses to the salary and other benefits (qualification bonuses, compensation of the costs of travel, accommodation, food and other expenses related to military service). 

Social guarantees

Professional military service soldiers are covered by state social pension insurance, while those who served for a period of time provided by law and have been transferred to the reserve shall be entitled to a serviceman's state pension.The annual leave of professional military service soldiers is comprised of at least 30 calendar days per year. Given the length of service, annual leave may be extended for up to 45 calendar days.Health care and wellness activities of professional military service soldiers are financed from the state budget.The life and health of professional military service soldiers are covered by compulsory insurance against accidents during military service from the state budget.During service, professional military service soldiers are provided with food or a fixed compensation for covering food expenses.Upon completion of service, professional military service soldiers may participate in vocational guidance programmes and receive assistance in finding a job.

 Nuotrauka I. Budzeikaitės